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Friday, May 17, 2019

What You and TAP Can Do Together

Building Respectful Civic Communities For Change

Written by 9/11 TAP Staff

TAP grew out of a recognition that a grassroots organization was needed to enable us to respond to what really happened to all of us on 9/11.

Sooner or later, we all moved beyond fascination with the unanswered questions about the events of that day, to pondering what it meant about today’s world.

Initially, we felt powerless, but we knew that we needed a plan, and needed to organize. We knew that we couldn’t trust the media or the political parties. We knew that someone was messing with our minds, in ways we couldn’t fully understand.

Meanwhile, those responsible for 9/11 were not standing still. They had carried out the deed for a reason; they were prepared to act and they did. The appeal to fear and anger, the Patriot Act to stifle dissent, the constant repetition of the emergency-call number summoning us to perpetual war — it all happened so quickly. By the time questions about the War on Terror could no longer be stifled, a new Cold War was launched, reviving our hatred and fear of Russia.

By now, it seems that the government really doesn’t care whether the people want wars or not, neither Democrats nor Republicans — our views don’t matter! We’ve become so passive that propaganda seems almost unnecessary.

But the world was not standing still either. A “rogue” President was elected, who unnerved the agencies that were managing our minds. The phrase “Deep State”, once the exclusive property of a few dissenters, entered our vocabulary, as did “Fake News” — as if it had never existed before. People became aware that no matter who was president, the tides of war kept running in the same direction.

Neither was our resistance standing still. In April 2018, the Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry demanded a Grand Jury investigation of 9/11, and later that year, sued the Justice Department. AE911 Truth joined them in a successful fundraising appeal; and 9/11 TAP supplied volunteers and contributors for these efforts.

But these actions were not enough of a response to the forces behind the War on Terror. In TAP, we knew that we had taken on the hardest task of all: to develop the counter-narrative, take it to the country, and build a civic movement to apply it.

The narrative is really simple: that 9/11 was a psychological operation to promote wars of aggression and render us incapable of stopping them. Techniques developed to overthrow foreign governments and pacify their populations have been deployed at home, and they are working. As a result, an oligopoly of large corporations and the National Security State control the media, Congress, and the courts on matters important to them. They control public opinion through the media and university teaching and research through philanthropy and grants. Dissidents are weeded out.

But there is a catch. Ultimately, these techniques didn’t work in Vietnam. They didn’t work in Iran, or Syria. They’re not working in Libya, or Ukraine, or Venezuela, because people stood up. And they won’t work in America — unless we let them.

That’s where TAP — and you — come in.

Over the past two years, TAP has re-organized and learned some lessons.

By September, we want to have at least thirty Truth Action Groups in place around the country, to man “Truth Booths” and then become ongoing support groups for a growing movement. You are needed to make this happen in your town. The purpose is to build respectful civic communities, of people with diverse views about many things — but convinced that we need institutions we “own” and trust: media, websites, teams, and alliances, and eventually — elected leaders whose allegiance is to us. They won’t be the people who’ve started this movement, but new leaders, chosen by their peers, to form new political structures unlike today’s parties.

Please contact us via this website TODAY and let us know that you’re willing to help form a local group in your area, or help in other ways.

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