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Saturday, August 03, 2019

Make Friends and Influence People by Becoming a Truth Boother!

Written by 911TAP Outreach Department

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably thought about how the country’s failure to conduct an honest investigation of 9/11 has had vast consequences for us all, today and tomorrow. Ever wonder how many people in your community have doubts what we were told about that day?

We think that there’s nothing more important we can do about 9/11 than to form local Truth Action Groups (TAGs). TAGs are just folks who support one another’s quest for understanding, and who work for wider recognition that 9/11 is a window through which we can see the political world around us differently.

As a local group that meets socially, we can give one another the courage to speak out more forcefully. As a group, we reach out to others with information and ideas that the mainstream media works hard to hide. A TAG is a fun way to build a civic revival against lies and propaganda, in company with neighbors who aren’t complacent about what we see when we peer through the window of 9/11.

9/11 TAP has been busy preparing a Truth Booth package to help you form such a local group. Putting on a Truth Booth display at a local fair or other public event is an opportunity to contact other TAP supporters in your area to ask for their help minding the Booth. In the process, you’ll get to know one another and begin to meet regularly, to have a bite, discuss a video or the latest developments in the Truth movement, and plan another event. Your group will also become a formal part of the national Truth Action Group movement.

The Truth Booth is basically a canopy, about 10’ x 10’, that comes packed with banners and exhibits that lead the visitor on a journey of discovery. Starting with an exhibit showing the high percentages of Americans who suspect they’ve been denied the truth about 9/11 and the Kennedy assassinations, the visitor progresses to a chronicle of false flag events that have changed history. Next, the contrast between the flimsy justification and the world-shaking consequences of these events is depicted, leading to the realization that deceptions are behind the ongoing tragedies sanitized for nightly viewing: destruction of whole nations, mass migrations of refugees, unpayable mountains of national debt, accelerating concentration of wealth, power, and opportunity, and a widening chasm between perception and reality that bodes ill. At the end, visitors understand why a Truth Action Project is needed, and why it needs them.

Purchasers of Booths will be invited to biweekly calls to answer questions, review the exhibits so as to be able to interpret them to others, and help the Truth Booth National Team (themselves all volunteers!) improve the Truth Booth experience over time. The Booths can and should be used repeatedly, and the materials will be updated.

Sept. 11 2019 is at hand! Get started – email to truthbooth [AT] 911tap [DOT] org.



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