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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Ready and Raring to Go in New England

Dr. T-Ruth's Tips On Creating Truth Action Groups

Written by Dr. T. Ruth

Dear Dr Truth,

Ever since I signed the 9/11 TAP petition I have been thinking I would like to organize a 9/11 Truth Action Group in our area. But honestly, I don’t have the first idea of how to get started. How do I find other Truthers? How do we spread the word about what really happened on 9/11/01? How do you build a 9/11 Truth group and hold it together?

Any tips you can give me would be a big boost!


Ready and Raring to go in New England…

Dear Ready and Raring,

So you want to start a Truth Group

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Wow! That’s great!!

But before you get rolling, may I ask “How are you doing with expanding your base of knowledge about what really happened on 9/11/01?” Have you watched Ed Asner narrate “Solving the Mystery of Building Seven” yet? If not, I suggest as your very next step that you invest 15 minutes in watching that video. Then, when you have a little more time, review the material at The collapse of World Trade Center Building Seven is often called “The Smoking Gun” of the 9/11 attacks. With this concern in mind The WTC 7 Study is going on right now at the University of Fairbanks Alaska investigating how that building could possibly have collapsed at almost free fall speed! Pointing to the nearly free fall collapse of this building - into its own footprint and in about 7 seconds - is usually the most powerful place to begin when talking with people about the 9/11 Truth Movement’s challenge to our government’s explanations of all that happened on that tragic day.

Want to get a little more of the Big Picture of our challenge to the 9/11/01 narrative under your belt before you get rolling? Watch 9/11 Mysteries. It will blow your mind and open your heart.

Armed with the rock solid information in these films, now it’s time to start building your Truth Group. You already signed the 9/11 TAP petition, right? Have you also asked your friends to sign it? If so, you may be wondering “How will I find other Truthers out beyond my immediate social circle?” I can help you with that. Contact me – Chris Gruener – at my email address imaginepeaceandplenty [AT] gmail [DOT] com (even if you live outside the New England / Northeast Region) or give me a call at my Newton Massachusetts office at (617) 965-6552 and I will put you in touch with other 9/11 TAP petition signers near you.

Better still, let’s think together about how you can help move the 9/11 TAP petition project forward while building your local Truth group through gathering signatures for the 9/11 TAP Petition. I will send you a template of the 9/11 TAP Petition and discuss with you how to effectively pursue signature gathering.

Our Boston 9/11 Truth group started out way back in 2005 with just myself and our co-founder Joe Lopisi. I still remember the day Joe suggested we go hand out literature in public. I was a little scared, to tell the truth. Fear be damned though, we went to a busy traffic intersection with a stop light and stood out on the roadway meridian. Joe held up a sign that said “9/11 Was An Inside Job!”, while I handed an information flier to anyone who was willing to role down their window and accept it. To our surprise the flyers disappeared like hot cakes, even though we had to weather some folks responding with “F… you” as the cars drove by.

That was 14 years ago now and the Boston group is still going strong. Below is a shot of our crew holding a banner - over Interstate 90 in Newton – that reads “9/11 Truth Ends Wars of Occupation” and that’s me distributing literature at the freeway’s off ramp. That driver is eager now to hear our message. And as more and more people are coming to understand that we were lied to about the 9/11/01 attacks, the “Middle Finger Salute” is being replaced by “Thumbs Up” and “Thank-you!”

Chris DrTruth 2019Aug 02 03 b7ba6

Are you wondering how we moved forward from just Joe and me in the beginning, and what our secret was to sticking with it? … Wait for it. … Our secret was, and still is, “Cookies and Truth”!


That’s right. “Truth and Cookies” is that secret sauce in the recipe for achieving group cohesion and staying power! It was first discovered and effectively utilized by Carol Brouillet - San Francisco Truther and co-founder of The Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance. That’s Carol’s group marching with the “9/11 Truth for Peace” banner above at the top of this article. And this is Carol in action personally inviting passersby to stop for a taste of both cookies and Truth at her group’s information table.

Chris DrTruth 2019Aug 04 90860

But of course cookies are not just for drawing people to your information table. They’re for welcoming some of those same people into your home – or church, or room at the library – or wherever you are going to start having your twice a month meetings as the Truth begins to dawn on them. Because building a Truth Group is first and foremost about weaving together a brand new social network of mutual understanding, caring and support. Some of the people who join your group are going to become among your closest friends and allies as you treat them that way right from the start.

Exploring the political and social realities that underlie the events of 9/11/01 can be a frightening and disorienting process. For most people it’s like going down Alice’s rabbit hole to a land where much of what you once thought real gets turned upside down. Building and strengthening your new friendship network will make all the difference as together you gather deeper understandings of our complex predicament and collectively fortify your courage to challenge the forces that conceived and implemented the 9/11 attacks.

As your group grows, a good way to start some of your meetings – while you pass those cookies around – is to invite everyone in your growing circle to briefly tell the new person how they first came to question the formal 9/11/01 narrative.

Next it’s time to pass the hat around to start raising the bucks you’ll need for your outreach projects. Everyone in your group will already be a monthly donor to 9/11 TAP by that point, right? If not, it’s easy to set that up at this link. As little as five bucks a month means you are helping us to grow nationwide.

OK. Now it’s time to plan your first - or next - outreach effort. The possibilities are endless.

  • Show the film Blueprint for Truth wherever you can get space free or inexpensively. Libraries and churches are a good bet.
  • Be sure to have everyone who comes to your film showing sign the 9/11 TAP Petition.
  • Now make arrangements to show that same film - Blueprint for Truth - on your local Cable Access channel to reach an even wider audience.
  • Begin building your own local mailing list to let everyone who wants to learn more know what your group is up to.
  • Invite a guest speaker via the internet. I can help you set that up.
  • Start a letter writing campaign to your various representatives in local, state and national positions of power. Ask them to support The Bobby Mcllvaine Act.
  • Once you can afford it, fly Richard Gage in to come and give a public program about the work of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.
  • Study and publicize the ongoing work of The Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry
  • Purchase a 9/11 TAP Truth Booth though our Truth Booth project manager Matt VanSlyke (911Justice_or_NeoConsequences [AT] protonmail [DOT] com). Then set yourself up at local fairs and farmers’ markets as a beacon of Truth!

Chris DrTruth 2019Aug 05 5d1ba

You get the idea, right? The possibilities are endless.

As soon as you get those cookies made, we will do everything we can to help you get your group up and running.

Patience, Persistence and Solidarity,

Chris and the Dr Truth Team

Christopher Gruener MA, LMHC

Secretary for Boston 9/11 Truth

New England / Northeast Region 9/11 TAP Coordinator and

My Personal Political Website:

My Professional Website:


Remember – You are Light in the darkness

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