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Saturday, September 07, 2019

Getting 9/11 Truth on Public Access Televisions in Your Community

Easy Steps for Educating Your Neighbors

Written by 9/11 TAP Staff

How would you like thousands of people in your local community to see credible videos that deal with the crimes of September 11, 2001 with a focus on the destruction of the three skyscrapers at the World Trade Center – the Twin Towers and Building 7. Public access cable TV is a great community resource that is available across the country. There is no barrier to using this opportunity, such as having a cable TV subscription. All residents of a U.S. cable TV service area are entitled to submit programs to their local public access TV station, a channel where the public can produce and air their own shows.


This effort is especially valuable for TAP volunteers who live far from other volunteers.

There was such a team at Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth for years, and top videos were seen in dozens of communities. One engineer in New Jersey made a foray to his station and Blueprint for Truth was shown every week for a half year. His request to repeat that regimen WAS accepted.

Cable access is not the Public Broadcasting System. Cable access is best known as the broadcast venue where city council meetings are shown. Actually, of the three cable categories, Public (P), Educational (E), and Government (G), these videos should be submitted as (P) for Public rather than E or G.

The beauty of this outreach technique can be understood with an anecdote from when the AE911Truth team began. One original member was quite excited because he had attended a presentation in the main library of Houston Texas, the 4th largest city in the US. 60 people had attended. We all know that people who attend public presentations are much more likely to be aware of the unanswered questions about 9/11 than viewers on cable access – who are, after all channel surfers. While there are no statistics to show viewership of cable access, it would not be unreasonable to assert that any rural cable access station in the wee hours of the morning will have more viewers who are unaware of the events of 9/11 than were at that Houston library event.

Only people who live in a given viewing area can submit a program, but the only excuse a Public Access Channel administrator can use to turn down a submission from a local resident is either vulgarity or commercialism.

Additionally, if you have a sympathetic friend in a district who will represent your efforts to use their station for this project, that can also work.

If proper procedures are followed there is no reason the video can't be shown once a month in most locations.

Easy Steps

Here are the easy steps that you can take (or have hand held "proverbially" from afar):

  1. Find your local public access station’s website, or call the station and ask for the procedure for submitting your program to air. At some stations, a requestor may need to attend an orientation or join as a member.
  2. Fill out and submit the station's program playback form.
  3. When you get your air dates email them to the address at the bottom of this article.  After the broadcast(s), call back and obtain additional agreements for re-airing. This should be done weekly or monthly depending on their policy. Contact us and be a local producer for your station!

Let’s get the evidence out to millions across the country - free of charge to the viewer. Do your part today!

Suggested Titles For Public Access TV

Below is a list of top 911Truth videos appropriate for viewing on Public Access TV.  The contacts below are happy to, proverbially, "hold your hand from afar" in the effort. All those on the list are ready-to-go where local stations can simply download the video rather than have you mail them a disc.

Ed Asner 2015 “Mystery of Building 7” with Abby Martin (time 27:59 )

Richard Gage 2012 "Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out" (time 57:59 )

Richard Gage 2014 “Washington Journal” (time 57:48 )

Richard Gage 2008 "Blueprint for Truth" (time 57:42 )

Steven Jones 2006 “Hypothesis” (time 44:12 )

Jonathan Cole 2016 “The Force Behind the Motion” (time 57:59 )

Charles Ewing Smith 2016 “The Demolition of Truth PART 1” WS (time 57:07 )

Charles Ewing Smith 2016 “The Demolition of Truth PART 2” WS (time 58:33 )

David Ray Griffin 2011 "Miracles" (time 57:40 )

9/11 - Uncovering Ten Years Of Deception, Episode 1/5, The Toronto Hearings On 9/11 (time 56:42 )

9/11 - Uncovering Ten Years Of Deception, Episode 2/5, The Toronto Hearings On 9/11 (time 57:57 )

9/11 - Uncovering Ten Years Of Deception, Episode 3/5, The Toronto Hearings On 9/11 (time 57:59 )

9/11 - Uncovering Ten Years Of Deception, Episode 4/5, The Toronto Hearings On 9/11 (time 57:38 )

9/11 - Uncovering Ten Years Of Deception, Episode 5/5, The Toronto Hearings On 9/11 (time 57:56 )

Lawyers' Committee for 9/11 Inquiry 2018 ''From 9/11 Truth to 9/11 Justice'' LPTV (time 58:00 )

Tony Rooke 2015 “Incontrovertible” PART 1 WS (time 57:59 )

Tony Rooke 2015 “Incontrovertible” PART 2 WS (time 57:59 )

David Hooper 2014 “Anatomy of a Great Deception” SD (time 57:59 )

Cable Access Stations in the United States

A link to a list of stations across the United States and be found at this location: Public Access TV Stations in the United States.

For Assistance With Cable Access

We will help you find the stations you would be contacting.

Bette Smith bjsmith434 [AT] gmail [DOT] com or David at 410-499-5403 (cell / SMS text).

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