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Friday, February 07, 2020

The Mockingbird Congress

By Alison Maynard

Elissa Slotkin Elissa Slotkin

Since the Central Intelligence Agency’s “Operation Mockingbird,” an operation to infiltrate the press in the 1950’s, “Mockingbird Media” is now part of the everyday lexicon.  We all know, or should know, the press is controlled by “Intelligence,” in quotation marks here because the mastermind which benefits from such intelligence is unidentified.  There are several intelligence agencies, not only CIA.  They include military and civilian “national security” agencies.  We will use CIA as shorthand for them all.

"Did you know not only the press, but Congress, has been infiltrated by the spooks? The World Socialist Website has a fine newsletter which published a series of articles by Patrick Martin in 2018 about the large number of Democratic candidates for Congress having intelligence/military backgrounds, saying it was without precedent in U.S. political history and that “[t]here are far more former spies and soldiers seeking the nomination of the Democratic Party than of the Republican Party.” The WSWS followed 30 nominations of such people in 46 districts across the country, saying:

The 30 military-intelligence candidates account for more than one quarter of the Democratic candidates in [the 115 competitive] districts, making them the largest single group, ahead of state and local politicians (26), lawyers (20), millionaires (15), other professionals (8), former Obama aides (3) and miscellaneous (13)."

There is one particularly ominous aspect of the politics of this group of candidates. Despite their personal involvement in the wars of the past two decades, in Iraq and Afghanistan, and in the overall operation of the vast US national-security establishment, many of the CIA Democrats say nothing at all on their websites about foreign and military policy. This strongly suggests that they are backers of an aggressive expansion of US military intervention and political subversion around the world, but they choose to conceal that fact from the voters of their districts.

One, Elissa Slotkin of Michigan, is particularly notable for her “deep involvement in war crimes in Iraq.” She won her election, one of 11, amounting to half the 23 Democrats elected to formerly Republican seats in 2018. “The 11 include seven military veterans, all but one an officer—two each from the Army, Navy and Marines, one from the Air Force—two former CIA agents, and two who worked as civilian decision-makers in the State Department and National Security Council.”

It behooves us to expose—and oppose--these “representatives,” along with new ones of their ilk who will be stepping forward in 2020. By definition they are not working for the public. They are trained in deceit, a quality inconsistent with transparent, responsive government. They were installed in office by a machine that has been funded to the tune of trillions of dollars and is interested only in domination. Americans will continue being extorted to fund endless aggressive war in the Middle East, assassinations, regime change operations, and psy ops against American citizens themselves. The pretext for such wars is usually given as 9/11, even though the countries targeted by our military since 2001 never attacked us—and the WTC towers came down not because of planes, but because of pre-planted explosives. TAP’s goal of a “Truth-Friendly Congress” to conduct an honest investigation of the 9/11 attacks will never be met as long as members of Congress owe their careers to the false narrative. These operatives must be either rooted out or brought to heel, and probably it will need to be the former. Such dogs do not turn on their masters.

The November 2018 WSWS article about persons with national security backgrounds who were elected to Congress in 2018, as well as those who lost by narrow margins--so may be back—is summarized below, so TAP members have an early look at whom to target in the races this year:

Jared Golden, Maine 2nd District, an Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran (the only rank-and-file soldier in the group)

Jason Crow, Colorado 6th District, veteran of the 82nd Airborne Division, leading a paratrooper platoon during the invasion of Iraq

Chrissy Houlahan, Pennsylvania 6th District, a 10-year veteran of the Air Force, leaving it as a captain

Andy Kim, New Jersey 3rd District, strategic adviser to US commanders in Afghanistan, then director for Iraq on Obama’s National Security Council

Conor Lamb, Pennsylvania 17th District, Marine captain and Judge Advocate General, won special election in the 18th District earlier [in 2018], redistricted into the 17th

Elaine Luria, Virginia 2nd District, career Navy surface warfare officer, second-in-command of guided missile cruiser, commanded assault craft supporting Marine Corps deployment

Tom Malinowski, New Jersey 7th District, assistant secretary of state for democracy, human rights and labor in the Obama administration

Max Rose, New York 11th District, Army combat officer in Afghanistan, Ranger-qualified, Bronze Star and Purple Heart

Mikie Sherrill, New Jersey 11th District, ten years as Navy helicopter pilot, Russia policy officer for the Atlantic Fleet, then federal prosecutor

Elissa Slotkin, (image above) Michigan 8th District, a CIA agent in Iraq, then worked at the National Security Council for Bush and Obama, and as an assistant secretary of defense

Abigail Spanberger, Virginia 7th District, eight years in the CIA as an operations officer in Europe, speaks five languages, previously a postal inspector (policeman for the Postal Service).

“Seven military-intelligence Democrats fell just short of winning seats, with one not yet conceding, Gina Ortiz Jones, an Air Force intelligence officer who challenged Republican incumbent Will Hurd, a former CIA agent, in the 23rd Congressional District of Texas. Ortiz Jones trailed Hurd by 1,150 votes out of more than 200,000 cast (0.5 percent), and she has the right to request a recount given the closeness of the contest.

“Other military-intelligence Democrats who lost narrowly, and their margin of defeat, include Dan Feehan in the 1st District of Minnesota (0.4 percent), Dan McCready in the 9th District of North Carolina (0.6 percent), Joseph Kopser in the 21st District of Texas (2.8 percent), George Scott in the 10th District of Pennsylvania (2.8 percent), Mary Jennings Hegar in the 31st District of Texas (3.0 percent) and Amy McGrath in the 6th District of Kentucky (3.2 percent).

“The remaining 12 of those whom the WSWS has identified as the ‘CIA Democrats’ lost by wider margins, ranging from 6.6 percent for Brendan Kelly in the 12th District of Illinois to 23 percent for Jesse Colvin in the 1st District of Maryland. Richard Ojeda, one of the most heavily publicized of the military-intelligence candidates, lost by 12.8 percent in the 3rd District of West Virginia, the heart of the Appalachian coalfield. The former Army Airborne major immediately announced the formation of a committee to explore a possible run for the presidency.

“There appears to be a regional component in the relative success or failure of the military-intelligence candidates. Nine of the eleven elected won seats in the Northeast, in states from Virginia through Maine along the Eastern Seaboard. Only one won in the Midwest, Slotkin in Michigan, and one in the West, Crow in Colorado. None won seats in the South, although five lost narrowly in that region.

The newly elected CIA Democrats have begun to attract considerable media attention, after an election campaign in which the high proportion of military-intelligence candidates seeking Democratic congressional nominations was largely disregarded or directly downplayed by the corporate-controlled media.

Five of the 11 newly elected CIA Democrats are women, a fact which is endlessly celebrated by the media, although there is no reason to believe that female national-security officials are any less ruthless and bloodthirsty than their male counterparts. Both the former CIA operatives elected November 6, Elissa Slotkin and Abigail Spanberger, are women, as are the two former Navy officers, helicopter pilot Mikie Sherrill and warship commander Elaine Luria, and the former Air Force captain, Chrissy Houlahan.

Slotkin did three tours of duty in Baghdad for the CIA, then worked in the White House on Iraq policy under both Bush and Obama, before a stint as an assistant secretary of defense where she had responsibility for drone warfare, among other murderous tasks. She has now emerged as a media favorite, the subject of a gushing 3,000-word front-page profile in the Detroit Free Press, followed by an invitation to appear on NBC’s Sunday interview program ‘Meet the Press,’ as one of two representatives of the incoming freshman class of congressmen and congresswomen.”

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