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Thursday, April 02, 2020

TAP In a Time of Pandemic

By William Jacoby

Some time ago, a TAP recruit told me that he had decided to withdraw from active involvement with TAP because he had become convinced that a climate crisis would crash down upon us within ten to twenty years, making it unlikely that 9/11 accountability would occur regardless of our efforts.  He had impressive evidence to support his view.  More recently, another TAPper shared with me his fear that geo-engineering poses a threat more serious than even the most totalitarian scenarios that could arise from a continuing successful 9/11 cover-up.  He too offered strong evidence.  Both of them caused me to ponder.  We have existential threats to civilization, maybe even to life as we know it.  Shouldn’t we focus on them?

Happily, both of these TAPpers are still active members, lending their expertise to TAP projects.  Why did they decide to continue despite their doubts?  And what does this have to do with the crisis of 2020, a compound of pandemic and economic disruption that threatens to become a world depression of yet-unknowable dimensions?

The reason that TAP’s mission is relevant to all grave threats, is that TAP addresses the problem of our feeling of apparent helplessness before them all. We have the potential power to act collectively on all of them with wisdom and dignity. 

9/11 was a lie.  There were other lies.  People are finding them, studying and cataloguing them.  TAP is not needed to study all the lies—that work is being done.  The lies have endured because of how our society is organized; impunity persists within a system predicated upon justice and accountability.  But Truth Demands Action.  We are our society.  We must organize ourselves better, out of respect for the pursuit of truth.  This is our highest human calling at this time.

Even as we are all perishing, Truth is what matters.  Only truth matters, as it leads to truthful action.  Truth always matters or we perish living in a lie.  A society based on lies is corrupt, and will not endure.  If we respect Truth, we must organize to build a society that rejects lies, and demands respect for, and the pursuit of, truth.

Today, anyone reading this feels the ground shake beneath us.  Our livelihoods, perhaps our lives or those of our loved ones, are at risk.  Our futures, our personal aspirations, seem threatened.  I possess no more wisdom than any of you about how real or overblown these fears may be.  Doubt and uncertainty are inseparable from respect for truth.

I suspect, though, that these sentiments resonate in the heart of anyone who has ever taken a step toward engagement with TAP, whether simply subscribing, checking a box, or connecting with a conference call.  Truth Demands Action.  Whether we lean Left or Right, all thinking people realize that a better world cannot be achieved without respect, a measure of humility, and working together.

9/11 was only one sign, among many, that we have surrendered a great deal in return for the progress and prosperity of the past 75 years or more, and that we are not quite sure to whom we have surrendered it, or whether we can safely trust in their benevolence.

In a time when media, political parties, and other institutions have forfeited our trust, the need to associate with one another—to work toward a common understanding of our situation, but also to act—is more urgent than ever.  If current crises worsen, as they may or may not, the need to rebuild our civic life around respect for truthfulness and trustworthiness will grow.  This was the nature of America in the past, and remains a part of the nature of every human being.

Many people today would agree with TAP’s unifying narrative.  But mass media and the major parties exclude us; therefore we must act to build a Truth-friendly media and to make our voices heard, first by organizing outside of political parties but ultimately in the political arena, because that is where decisions are made.

TAP’s critique of the organized deception which we are continually subjected to, and of the war and tyranny that flow from the legitimation of deceit, is a basis for such collective action.

Whether we win or lose our struggle, our humanity is on the line as we decide whether to band together or acquiesce.  There are many people like us.  It is a noble endeavor to reach out, find them, and build a means for us to work together, locally and nationally, for a better world.

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