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Monday, May 18, 2020

COVID-19, 9/11, AND YOU

By Bill Jacoby

The present COVID-19 situation exemplifies why supporting the Truth Action Project now is essential for people like YOU who are concerned about the kind of world we are leaving for our children and grandchildren.  As one who has discovered the government’s complicity in hiding the facts about 9/11, you have an insight others may lack, especially during this time of unprecedented upheaval.

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The majority agrees that they should not be consulted on whether we should be at war with one or more countries.  If we’re at war, it’s probably for good reason.  Pay up and shut up. 

We don’t agree.

They agree that it makes sense to protect our national security by destroying the governments and societies of at least four countries in the Middle East, driving their people into exile.

 It makes sense, they say, because “they” attacked us on 9/11; all of them.  (Even if they didn’t.)

We don’t agree.

Today, the country is divided between those who support government calls for extended social distancing and those who favor getting back to work.  Most of us respect science, and many are spending long hours reading conflicting excerpts from experts, trying to make sense of it all.  Many rely on mass media to do that work for them; but we do not.

In the past, the country would have unquestioningly rallied behind government urgings and media calls for sacrifice.  Now, there is much more questioning.  Why?

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Because on many fronts, government and media have lost our trust, to a degree not seen in our lifetime. 

Many still hold out hope that the media will sift fact from fiction and guide us to intelligent decisions; that our government at least means well and has our interests at heart.  Politically-minded people hope that if their political party wins the next election the truth will triumph along with it.

But we remember that on Sept. 11, 2001, nearly 3,000 Americans were killed, and a false story was put out to shield the culprits from blame.   The cover-up was propagated by the media, supported by both parties, and protected by sophisticated psychological campaigns against “terrorism”, “conspiracy theorists”, and “fake news”.  Twenty years later, the cover-up persists—as does the earlier cover-up of a President’s murder, nearly sixty years ago.

We are the 9/11 Truth Action Project.  Unlike other 9/11 organizations, TAP is not focused on the events of that terrible day, but on their implications for today and the response Americans are called upon to make.

9/11 taught us to ask, “Who benefits?”  “Who controls the press?”  “Who controls the government?”  And even, shockingly, “Who controls the scientific establishment?” 

The Truth movement has also taught us that to ask these questions is easier than to answer them.  Our Constitution taught us not to rush to judgment, and to convict only after a fair trial.  But, following 9/11, no such trial was allowed, and the government and the nation did rush to judgment, just as we did in 1963 after our president was murdered.  Independent researchers have sought to fill the void, but the government—all three branches—seeks to stifle their voices.  And only government—not research and talk--can prosecute, punish, and prevent.

The big question that only TAP really asks is:

What can we as citizens do about the kind of civic and political rot that allows those crimes to go unpunished, and new ones to be perpetrated with impunity?

Our answer is to call on you to join and support a grassroots civic organization against the institutional corruption and conspiracy epitomized by 9/11.  Go to our website, read our plans, volunteer to help build a Truth Action Group in your community and all communities, and donate whatever you can.  

Without your ideas, your creativity, and your participation, our Constitution cannot be recovered, democracy cannot succeed, and forces that operate in darkness will continue to rule over us.




This month, TAP is launching our first fundraising campaign, to raise $20,000 to enable us to hire our first staff person.  This is a critical milestone in our growth and will enable us to provide more support to local organizers.

To donate, click here.


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