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Monday, November 30, 2020

Problem, Reaction, Solution: 9/11 to Covid-19

By CJ K., TAP Editorial Staff

September 11, 2001 seems so long ago to some. There are even young adults alive today who weren't yet born on that clear, transformative, and devastating day. One may be tempted to see the harrowing events of 9/11 as an aberration best left in the past.  However, there are still many unresolved aspects of the 9/11 tragedy that continue to affect today's society, and lessons that have yet to be learned. An examination of these issues shows clear parallels between 9/11 and what is currently unfolding around Covid-19.

In addition to the many inconsistencies in the government's official narrative surrounding the events of September 11, the fear campaign launched around the immediately subsequent anthrax attacks bears a striking resemblance to the present climate of panic and confusion surrounding Covid-19.

Dr. Meryl Nass is a board-certified internist with 40 years of experience practicing medicine, and an expert on the anthrax vaccine.  She recalls the narrative around the 2001 anthrax attacks:

"The media did scare people then, but nothing like people have been scared now; yet the risk to people in the United States then was very minimal, and anthrax, like Covid-19, if treated early, can be treated very effectively."

Despite the media-driven panic, the government's own numbers on Covid-19 reveal the disproportionate nature of the current hysteria.  Dr. Nass says, "There's an apparent goal to drum up fear and to maintain fear, which requires the suppression of effective drugs, and requires the statistics that are published by the CDC to make things seem worse than they are. So, they focus on cases instead of deaths, when there aren't a lot of deaths. [...] CDC has hidden bits of information in documents that are online, but it was hard to find the document that said that 95% of people had pre-existing conditions, and they don't tell you what those are."

Regarding the inconsistencies in the media and government messaging on Covid-19, she adds, "There's a dearth of information, and the information people are receiving from the media and from the government is confusing, and makes people more anxious. At first, I thought that this was just because the subject was complicated, but now, eight months later, I've come to the conclusion, my personal conclusion, that the confusion is deliberate. Keeping everybody confused, not knowing what to do, not being able to take measures that make you feel safe, just has everybody completely stirred up."

Even the origins of both alleged emergencies are shrouded in mystery. The questions raised by many about whether Covid-19 originated in a laboratory are being dismissed by officials as "conspiracy theory," though the government's actions around the anthrax attacks provide good reason to doubt their trustworthiness. Recalling the dubious origins of the 2001 anthrax attacks, Dr. Nass says, "The government needed a 'fall guy.' Most likely this was an official program, even though it was undercover. At first, the media tried to pin it on Iraq. [...] The media said the anthrax had bentonite, that it looked like Iraqi anthrax, but it didn't look like Iraqi anthrax, so they weren't going to be able to make that stick. So then, the FBI went on a wild goose chase and went after at least half a dozen different scientists over the next seven years, trying to find somebody to pin it on."

The FBI went on to make army scientist Bruce Ivins their main suspect, though Dr. Nass and others who knew him insist he could not have been the perpetrator, and that the FBI had no evidence. After Ivins' death in 2008, the FBI closed the case, blaming him without having to prove it. The National Academy of Sciences later released a report concluding that the FBI's science did not prove that the anthrax used in the 2001 attacks came from Ivins.

From the march to war in the middle east, to the surveillance-expanding, civil liberty-destroying Patriot Act, to the establishment of the TSA, DHS, and other new federal agencies, 9/11 and the anthrax attacks served to usher in unprecedented government actions affecting people all over the world.  The emotional trauma of those events made the public malleable to such measures, out of a desire for safety and security. Those who have been sounding the alarm about the dire consequences of the government's "war on terror" see disturbing, familiar patterns surfacing around the response to Covid-19.  Similar to the way that the politicians who started wars in the middle east -- based on lies -- were comfortably insulated from the death and destruction that ensued, Dr. Nass says of the government's Covid-19 response, "The people who are making the decisions are the least harmed by the decisions they are making."

She continues, "It seems to me that the response to this so-called emergency has been overblown, overwrought, inappropriate, and in many ways has probably caused more cases, by using tests that are not accurate, for example. [...] Had hydroxychloroquine and other drugs that are effective against Covid-19 been made available, the epidemic would have ended.  Because people would have treated it early, there would have been much less spread. People wouldn't have had to go to the hospital with it."

If Covid-19 isn't the modern-day plague that some continue to insist it is, what accounts for the ongoing fear campaign?

"It seems that there was another plan of some kind to use the pandemic to bring in other social, financial, [and] economic changes. The pandemic served very well to bring these in. For example, you could ruin the economy, you could bankrupt the mom-and-pop businesses, leave the big box stores open, even though that doesn't make sense. You're more likely to catch Covid in a big box store with no windows and lots of people in the store," says Dr. Nass.

In addition to the new curtailments of civil liberties including quarantines, mandates, curfews, and "contact tracing," vaccine manufacturers are seizing the opportunity to seek emergency licensing from regulatory bodies that they otherwise may not have received. A similar process took place with manufacturers of anthrax vaccine following the 2001 attacks. Furthermore, the government seized the opportunity created by the anthrax attacks to pass the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act in October 2001, which grants them the power to force quarantines and vaccines on the public.

Asked about the role of the pharmaceutical industry in the medical field, Dr. Nass says, "Things have become so hierarchical that no one is allowed to think for themselves, or really step out of line in the medical field, and that is incredible because it wasn't like that when I was a young doctor. [...] The pharmaceutical industry has too much to say about the training of doctors; [...] the industry has become completely intertwined with all the ways that doctors get information. It's a huge problem, and people don't like it, but it's been so lucrative and there's nothing stopping it."

This description sounds eerily similar to the problem of the military industrial complex, in which military contractors that profit from war are intertwined with government officials.

"I think there are people in Washington that are spin doctors whose job is to try to figure out how to spin every event that occurs to get policies pushed forward that they already wanted, and that's just what they do. So that's happened now, whether or not this was a predetermined pandemic, which I don't know," Dr. Nass says of the recurring phenomenon of the government pushing through troubling policies during times of crisis. Crises that the government itself -- along with its corporate cronies -- has an interest in initiating and perpetuating.

Reminiscent of the security theater brought to bear upon travelers following the events of September 11, 2001 by the TSA, mandates and social pressure to wear masks have swept across the country and beyond. Dr. Nass says, "Since the usefulness of either protecting other people or protecting yourself is extremely variable, [...] I have come to believe that the mask is basically a talisman, that it isn't terribly useful for most people, who may not use it correctly. [...] I think it was basically a feel-good thing, but it's allowed people to feel that they have some control over this situation, and we all need control."

Just as the US government claims that its narrative regarding the collapse of the Twin Towers and the lesser-known World Trade Center building seven is "settled science," the public is now being told to stop questioning official pronouncements about Covid-19, and obey the science.  To this, Dr. Nass responds, "The whole point of science is to keep checking things, accumulate data, have people argue with each other over what is the real answer. Anyone who tells you the science is settled is not a scientist."

"[Anthony] Fauci has said so many opposite things at so many different times, just in the last eight months, and then if you look at his career, he speaks out of both sides of his mouth. So, even though he's 'America's doctor' and I had a very high opinion of him until March, when I started to see him lying...I don't think one should treat what any scientist or doctor says with total belief. You should always do your own research if possible, but I understand these things are hard to do. You have to find trusted sources. People should be aware that you're being given contradictory information. It seems that the goal is to keep you confused, so start paying attention to the contradictions."

Perhaps if the public had been able to recognize the Hegelian dialectic of 'problem, reaction, solution' at play nearly two decades ago, today's reality would look quite different. But a failure to question official narratives, recognize manipulation tactics, and hold government agencies accountable has left us in a familiar situation -- one where too many people are willing to relinquish whatever is left of their liberty for a false sense of security. Until the populace is prepared to learn from the truth of what happened on September 11, 2001, they will not have, nor deserve, liberty or security.


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