Let Our Mental Health Professionals Help

Let Our Mental Health Professionals Help

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TAP "Resilience and Wellness Project"

Welcome to our new interactive column, brought to you by the TAP "Resilience and Wellness Project", a team of experienced mental health professionals and TAP volunteers.

We begin with a nod of appreciation to the famed Dr. Ruth Westheimer, whose media work as “Dr. Ruth” invited psychological issues into everyday American conversation. Building on her work, our TAP Resiliency and Wellness team will be sharing each month our thoughts on mental health challenges and opportunities related to opening to 9/11’s true nature.

Doctor T also invites you to share with us the challenges you face as a 9/11 Truth activist:

  • What questions do you find difficult to answer when discussing the events of 9/11/01 with neighbors, friends and strangers?
  • How has awakening to the painful and frightening realities of 9/11 affected you?
  • How has it affected relationships with family members and others?
  • What is it like for you to be living in a world where so many people think you are the crazy one for challenging the official 9/11narrative?

We’d like this to be an interactive process, so our Good Doctor requests your letters of praise and criticism in response to our column.

Monday, June 24, 2019

The Spiritual Crisis of 9/11 Untruth

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Dear Dr. T-Ruth: 9/11 changed my world view, painfully. Religion is being used is awful ways. Where does spirituality and “higher power” fit in a world where our humanity and truth are so wounded? Seeking in Santa Fe Dear Seeking: In 2003, Dick Cheney sent out a Christmas card that asked, “And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without His notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without His aid?” This stamped the imperial project known as the “War on Terror” with the implied imprimatur of Divine Approval and assistance. The subtexts of this stamp of…
Saturday, October 06, 2018

Mis-information and Dis-information

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Dear Dr. Truth:  While researching what really happened on 9/11/01, I frequently run into articles where one researcher accuses another of being a “disinfo” agent – someone disguised as a 9/11 Truth activist who is actually working on behalf of the perpetrators of the attacks. Given all the contradictory and often absurd supposed “Truth” being bantered around in our movement, I have grown increasingly suspicious of the intentions of some researchers and their websites. I am angry about this and I want to fight back somehow. What is your take on this subject and what do you recommend as the…
Dear Dr. Truth:  I want to be open and real with people about 9/11 and the fake "War on terror." It ain't easy! As mind-bending as 9/11 is, talking with people throws me for loops. I get confused trying to understand people's reactions. What happens when people are confronted with inconvenient truths? And what are good ways to respond?  Curious in California
Saturday, May 12, 2018

Dr. T-Ruth (May 2018)

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After the shock of finding out the official story was not true, I realized I was fooled by the media too! Now I don't know how to react to terrorism reports. Especially so when there seem to be patterns common in false flags. It feels uncomfortable not unconditionally and uncritically trusting media, and officials, and confusing. I resist immediate narratives, and suggested consensus thinking and feeling. Tragedies may have more layers now. I’m shy about talking about uncertainly, afraid what people might think. Friends and family can react like "there you go again!" Ridicule stings. I isolate more now, and…
Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Dr. T-Ruth Letter on Smoothly Running Groups

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Dear Dr. T-Ruth, My local 9/11 TAP group has started to feel kind of negative. It seems some of our members' egos are getting out of hand, and our discussions sometimes get off-topic, or nasty. I don't feel comfortable being in a group that can't get along. Should I give up on the group,and start my own? Signed "Seeking Truth and Good Company"  Dear Seeker: Take heart, Dear Advocate for 9/11 Justice! You are not alone. Every activist organization struggles to keep meetings positive and productive. 9/11 Truth activists are, I believe, smarter and braver than most, but our battle…
On 9/11/01 quite a few people knew – as they watched the events of that tragic day unfold – that they were viewing false flag attacks whose purpose was to draw us into yet another war based on dishonest pretexts. I was not one of those people! How was I to know that the September Eleventh “attacks” – like the bombs that were soon to rain down upon Baghdad – were a strategy of “Shock and Awe," that was being orchestrated against America by some of our own fellow citizens?On that horrible day anyone who dared suggest that the assault…


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