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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Dr. T-Ruth Letter on Smoothly Running Groups

Written by Dr. T-Ruth


Dear Dr. T-Ruth,

My local 9/11 TAP group has started to feel kind of negative. It seems some of our members' egos are getting out of hand, and our discussions sometimes get off-topic, or nasty. I don't feel comfortable being in a group that can't get along. Should I give up on the group,
and start my own?


"Seeking Truth and Good Company"

Dear Seeker

Take heart, Dear Advocate for 9/11 Justice! You are not alone. Every activist organization struggles to keep meetings positive and productive. 9/11 Truth activists are, I believe, smarter and braver than most, but our battle scars about 9/11 sometimes show up as patterns of urgency, hopelessness, brittleness, and blaming. Hang in there.

Here are a few pointers for staying on track: pdf Ideas for Keeping Your 9/11 TAP Group Running Smoothly (225 KB) .

To share your concerns or stories, contact Dr. T-Ruth at dr-t-ruth [AT] 911tap [DOT] org.


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