Something Your Local Radio Stations Might Like to Play

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Something Your Local Radio Stations Might Like to Play

Written by Carl Seeger Henry

What’s a great way for 9/11 Truth activists to inform the public? That’s easy. Offer 9/11 Truth Public Service Announcements (PSAs) to radio stations and encourage them to broadcast this important educational message.

One of the opportunities 9/11 Truth Outreach, Inc. enjoys as a 501(c)(3) educational, nonprofit organization is the ability to offer PSAs for broadcast. The best way to get these PSAs aired is to work through existing local radio contacts you or your friends may have. Local stations, even corporate-affiliated network stations, have discretion about airing PSAs they believe to be appropriate and informative.

PSAs are non-commercial messages disseminated by the media without charge because their message is “in the public interest.” The objective of PSAs is to raise awareness or change public attitudes and behavior towards a social issue. Some PSAs that many of us are familiar with inform or educate the public about issues such as obesity or compulsive gambling. While stations are not mandated by the FCC to broadcast a specific number of PSAs, they must prove they broadcast in the public interest. PSAs are one of the ways they meet that requirement as part of serving as a "public trustee.”

The 60-second version is preferred because it provides the most information and its length allows enough music to suggest there is a full song available. The currently available PSA is a folk/Americana arrangement with the words sung and spoken in English. PSAs in different genres and languages will be offered as they become available. We look forward to offering PSAs in hip hop, rap, R&B, dance, electronic, Latin, Christian, gospel, blues, reggae and other music genres. Hopefully, PSAs will become available to non-English speaking communities in their native languages.

Inaugural PSA

In keeping with an objective of PSAs – to raise awareness – the first round of PSAs inform the public about the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7, an event many people have not heard of before. The first PSAs are based on the song, “Building 7, (The Smoking Gun),” and really hammers home Building 7! Building 7! Building 7!

{jwplayer}&file= Sec PSA&class=jw-simple-play-button&height=36&width=36&logo.file=off&controls=true&listbar.size=30&skin.url=/media/jwadvanced/skin/css/911to-play-btn-only.css&{/jwplayer}
PSA – 60 Seconds Run-time
{jwplayer}&file= Sec PSA&class=jw-simple-play-button&height=36&width=36&logo.file=off&controls=true&listbar.size=30&skin.url=/media/jwadvanced/skin/css/911to-play-btn-only.css&{/jwplayer}
PSA – 30 Seconds Run-time
{jwplayer}&file= Sec PSA&class=jw-simple-play-button&height=40&width=480&logo.file=off&controls=true&skin.url=/media/jwadvanced/skin/css/911to-play-btn-only.css&{/jwplayer}
PSA – 15 Seconds Run-time

Here is the message in the 60 second PSA version:

  • Introduction is sung:
    • Building Seven, the smoking gun
    • It tells the truth bout what was done
    • To me and you and to the world
    • It tells the truth it tells it true
    • Nine Eleven Building Seven
  • Message is spoken:
    • After the World Trade Towers fell
    • A third 47-story tower collapsed in seconds – and it wasn’t hit by a plane
    • How and why did it fall?
    • We’re Nine Eleven Truth Outreach dot org
    • An educational nonprofit here to inform you
    • That’s the numbers: 9 1 1 Truth Outreach dot org
    • Nine Eleven, Look Closer

Cover Letter to Radio Shows

Concerned citizens can inform radio contacts about the availability of these PSAs. Here is the proposed letter that can be forwarded on behalf of 9/11 Truth Outreach, Inc. to radio station managers or program hosts.

Your personal contacts with people in media will likely be the most receptive. We encourage you to include a personal note to accompany this letter. Just copy and paste the sample email letter below directly into your email client window, then the  image Animated GIF file (783 KB) will be automatically uploaded to your email client window. It should be emailed with the MP3 downloads of the 60, 30 and 15 second spots.

On some older computers the  image animated .gif (783 KB) file may not automatically play. But when it is sent in an email to others that have newer computers, be assured that it will play automatically when the recipient opens their email.


Subject: PSA from 9/11 Truth Outreach, Inc.

Dear (station manager),


We are 9/11 Truth Outreach, Inc., a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit organization.


Many in your listening audience are not aware that nearly seven hours after the Twin Towers were destroyed at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, Building 7, half the height of the towers collapsed straight down in a manner indistinguishable from a controlled demolition.

World Trade Center Building 7 Collapsing

We were told by investigating authorities that "normal office fires" caused this free-fall collapse – shown at actual speed!. Many in the engineering community do not support this conclusion. Building 7 is the only purported case in history of free-fall acceleration in a collapsing building without the use of explosives.


We at 9/11 Truth Outreach raise this unanswered question: How could this have happened?


Please consider broadcasting this PSA on your station. Let's give everyone the invitation and opportunity to LOOK CLOSER at this important issue.


Listen to and download all PSAs and Complete Songs at: "Building 7, the Smoking Gun" PSAs and Jingles


Feel free to contact me, Carl Seeger Henry, PSA coordinator for 9/11 Truth Outreach, if you have any questions. Additionally, I am available for phone interviews about this initiative.


Thank you for your consideration in airing this vitally important message.


Carl Seeger Henry
Musical Artists Outreach & PSA Coordinator
9/11 Truth Outreach, Inc.
"Building 7, the Smoking Gun" PSAs and Jingles
(860) 515-3343
email: psa [AT] 911tap [DOT] org

Complete Songs for Airplay

Perhaps some radio hosts or radio stations will choose to broadcast the complete song as part of their musical programming. The entire "Building 7, (The Smoking Gun)" song and other complete songs are available in MP3 format for airplay as well as to listen, download, share and/or forward to others.

The following complete 9/11 Truth songs are available for downloads:

{jwplayer}&file= 7, the Smoking Gun – 320kbps MP3&class=jw-simple-play-button&height=36&width=36&logo.file=off&controls=true&listbar.size=30&skin.url=/media/jwadvanced/skin/css/911to-play-btn-only.css&{/jwplayer}
"Building 7, (The Smoking Gun)"
{jwplayer}&file= the Truth - by Eva James - 320kbps MP3&class=jw-simple-play-button&height=36&width=36&logo.file=off&controls=true&listbar.size=30&skin.url=/media/jwadvanced/skin/css/911to-play-btn-only.css&{/jwplayer}
"Sharing the Truth"
{jwplayer}&file= Building Seven - by Martin Noakes - 320kbps MP3&class=jw-simple-play-button&height=36&width=36&logo.file=off&controls=true&listbar.size=30&&skin.url=/media/jwadvanced/skin/css/911to-play-btn-only.css&{/jwplayer}
"9/11 Building 7"
{jwplayer}&file= Was an Inside Job - by Brain Stewart Fox - 320-kbps MP3&class=jw-simple-play-button&height=36&width=36&logo.file=off&controls=true&listbar.size=30&skin.url=/media/jwadvanced/skin/css/911to-play-btn-only.css&{/jwplayer}
"9/11 Was an Inside Job"
{jwplayer}&file= Revolution Will Not Be Televised - by Francis and Ku -...&class=jw-simple-play-button&height=36&width=36&logo.file=off&controls=true&listbar.size=30&skin.url=/media/jwadvanced/skin/css/911to-play-btn-only.css&{/jwplayer}
"The Revolution Will NOT Be Televised"
{jwplayer}&file= Mohamed and Emily - Gary Fox Jr. - 320kbps MP3&class=jw-simple-play-button&height=36&width=36&logo.file=off&controls=true&listbar.size=30&skin.url=/media/jwadvanced/skin/css/911to-play-btn-only.css&{/jwplayer}
"Michael Mohamed and Emily"

Note to commercial radio programmers: The songs “Building 7, (The Smoking Gun)" and “9/11 Building 7” are licensed for airplay with Performance Rights Organizations (ASCAP and PRS) and have been assigned an ISRC number.

Paid Advertisements and PSA Synergies

One of the limitations of PSAs is that stations do not have to air them. However, paid advertising can provide guaranteed exposure for our message. Paid advertisements can also promote local events with the event-specific information added over the musical bed.

Stations can refuse to accept paid advertisements, of course. However, stations that are receptive to our PSAs would also likely be receptive to paid ads. When we raise sufficient funds to have an advertising budget available, those stations would be the obvious choices to begin our paid campaign.

If you would like to make a contribution and have it earmarked for this exciting outreach effort, please click here.

 Activists – Create a Custom PSA for an Upcoming Local Event

Besides PSAs with a fixed script, we offer MP3 files consisting of just the musical beds without any voice-over copy. By adding a voice-over, activists have the opportunity to create their own PSAs for local, time-sensitive, upcoming events. Whatever the content of the voice-over copy, ending the PSA with the phrase “Nine Eleven, Look Closer” will help give the PSAs a uniform “call to action.”

{jwplayer}&file= 7 - PSA - 60 sec. - no voice over MP3&class=jw-simple-play-button&height=36&width=36&logo.file=off&controls=true&listbar.size=30&skin.url=/media/jwadvanced/skin/css/911to-play-btn-only.css&{/jwplayer}
60 Seconds - No Voiceover
{jwplayer}&file= 7 - PSA - no voice-over - MP3&class=jw-simple-play-button&height=36&width=36&logo.file=off&controls=true&listbar.size=30&skin.url=/media/jwadvanced/skin/css/911to-play-btn-only.css&{/jwplayer}
30 Seconds - No Voiceover
{jwplayer}&file= 7 - PSA - no voice-over - MP3&class=jw-simple-play-button&height=36&width=36&logo.file=off&controls=true&listbar.size=30&skin.url=/media/jwadvanced/skin/css/911to-play-btn-only.css&{/jwplayer}
15 Seconds - No Voiceover

Contact Us for More Information or To Help

For questions or more information about this initiative, please contact Carl Seeger Henry, Musical Artists Outreach at psa [AT] 911tap [DOT] org. Carl is available for phone interviews about this campaign.

Thank you for participating in the power of radio to extend our 9/11 Truth outreach.

Musicians: If you create music that speaks truth to power,

We Need You!

Here’s a link to our article “Music Matters... It’s the Truth!“ which includes our "Truth and Music video" called "Trusic." It is available to view or download and ideal for placement on your public access station.

Musicians, if you are interested in performing a version of “Building 7, the Smoking Gun”, we have available for download:

folder Lyrics - Chord Chart - Sheet Music

wtc 7 before attacks smThe original Seven World Trade Center (WTC 7) – also known as the Solomon Building – from the WTC 2 observation deck, August 14, 1992
 wtc7 collapsing smIndira Singh, a first responder on September 11, said during an appearance on KPFA that by "noon or one o'clock," the Fire Department was telling them that they had to move the triage site because "we're going to have to bring it [WTC 7] down."
 wtc7 collapsed smAll that remained of Seven World Trade Center (WTC - 7) was a compact pile of rubble, nearly all of which was contained within the footprint of the building's foundation.


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