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Saturday, October 06, 2018

Mis-information and Dis-information

While researching what really happened on 9/11/01...

Written by Dr. T-Ruth

Dear Dr. Truth:

While researching what really happened on 9/11/01, I frequently run into articles where one researcher accuses another of being a “disinfo” agent – someone disguised as a 9/11 Truth activist who is actually working on behalf of the perpetrators of the attacks. Given all the contradictory and often absurd supposed “Truth” being bantered around in our movement, I have grown increasingly suspicious of the intentions of some researchers and their websites. I am angry about this and I want to fight back somehow. What is your take on this subject and what do you recommend as the best way to handle it if I think someone is deliberately trying to misguide me and other Truthers?


Angry and Bewildered

ZenMaster ca0e8

Dear A&B,

As our search for the reality behind the 9/11 attacks deepens, uncertainties are bound to evolve about who is worthy of trust and in what ways we do well to let ourselves be guided. Nonetheless, answering your questions effectively is an essential task for the 9/11 Truth movement if we are to succeed in our ambition to unify our efforts into a successful force for unmasking the Truths of 9/11/01.

While your anger is understandable, please avoid overreacting with your own accusations. Rather, keep in mind that well intended, careful researchers may honestly disagree on certain aspects of what exactly occurred on 9/11/01 – not to mention with regards to the raging debates abounding about the “Why” and “Who” of all that happened on that tragic day. Additionally, due simply to poor research techniques, inaccurate 9/11 “Truth” misinformation will ...

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